The Mummy
Ahmanet from The Mummy
Status: Deceased (Killed by Nick Morton/Set)
Role: Antagonist
Age: Over 3,000
Date of birth: Unknown
Birthplace: Egypt
Date of death: Unknown
Cause of death: Mummification (1st Time)
Life Siphoning (2nd Time)
Nationality: Egyptian
Religion: Ancient Egyptian
Alias(es): The Mummy
Profession: Princess
Rank: Princess
Expertise: Witchcraft
Significant other(s): Nick Morton (Chosen; rejected by him)
Unnamed Man (first Chosen; deceased)
Played by: Sofia Boutella
Film: The Mummy

Ahmanet is the primary antagonist in the 2017 film The Mummy. She is an ancient Egyptian princess whom was promised by her father, the Pharaoh, that she would one day be the Queen of Egypt. However after her father bore a son, he broke his promise to Ahmanet: instead of naming her as his heir, he chose to name his son the Pharaoh. Infuriated by this betrayal, she forges a pact with the Egyptian god of death, Set, which subsequently unleashes dark forces on the earth. With her newfound powers, she murders her father and as punishment is mummified alive and entombed within an ornate sarcophagus, sealed away and hidden for millennia. Centuries later, she was excavated by American military forces under the employ of the United Kingdom, with the directive to bring the sarcophagus back to London. Ahmanet awoke and her powers summoned forth powerful storm-force winds and a flock of birds to crash the plane en route back to the UK, with the primary protagonist, Nick Morton, still aboard. As her powers slowly grow throughout the movie, she seeks to unleash her powers onto the world and remake it as the kingdom she was deceived out of obtaining.

Background Edit

Ahmanet is an Egyptian princess who was once promised to become Pharaoh, but was betrayed by her father after he decided to name her younger brother as his heir, instead. Believing she had nothing to lose, she summons the Egyptian god Set, a dark entity which grants her powers in order to get what she desires: the power to gain the kingdom she was deprived of. In exchange for gaining a corporeal form. After executing her family, Ahmanet prepares to make a human sacrifice, only to be captured by her father's loyal priests and condemned to be buried alive. ( factionalized character , even the father name , menephtre , is factionalized as well because the only pharaoh who has the variant form of the father name is menes and Egyptologists didn't mention something about his family or his children besides, the information about him is too tiny and limited to search about him and if you want to check these name correction try to use the Egyptian grammar and pronunciation system you will find that there is no existence for them.

Personality Edit

Physical description Edit


Powers and abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Necromantic Witchcraft: Ahmanet currently exists as a living spirit within her own undead corpse. Her power stems from her pact with the god Set, which keeps her soul earthbound and her body partially alive. As an undead being, Ahmanet's powers stem from necromancy rooted within ancient Egyptian mummification, and are fueled by the dark forces which strengthen her. Her great rage for her stolen destiny also fuel her and strengthen her powers further still. The exact limit of her abilities have yet to be determined, nor have her limitations been shown to be connected to any ancient gods or darker spirits from the Underworld.
    • Super Strength: From the dark otherworldly forces which sustain her unnatural life-force, Ahmanet possesses prodigious physical strength in comparison to that of a normal, living being; although, her level of strength seems to be related to the current state of her body: the more undead and decayed she is, the weaker and more easily restrained she is, even by mortal means such as steel chain links. Feeding on the flesh and fluids of the living gradually restores her strength while also regenerating her body. She can easily break free of chain restraints as well as send grown men high into the air with the slightest touch.
    • Immortality: Her immortality, as discussed, stems from her reanimation due to her awakening from being removed from the place of her burial. She was released as a malevolent spirit due to her pact with Set giving her the power to transcend death.
    • Flesh Consumption: After her reanimation, Ahmanet's corpse was emaciated, desiccated, and decayed from over three millennia of entombment, making her little more than a skeleton and dried flesh. As per her powers of necromancy and powers connected to the forces of darkness, Ahmanet possesses the power to "feed" upon or absorb and assimilate the flesh, organs, and vital fluids of living victims whilst she remains in her undead state, leaving the victim a desiccated corpse like herself. The process is painfully fatal to the victim while also proving uncomfortable for Ahmanet, as her skin, organs, and bones take shape from within and around her undead corpse.
    • Sand Manipulation: Ahmanet possesses the ability to conjure up a highly destructive sandstorm that can form a giant face. While in London, she used verbal mystical spell to summon a sandstorm, which caused all the glass in the area to shatter into sand particles and forms the sandstorm which she intended too summon over the people of London.
    • Resurrection: Seth gave her the power to resurrect the dead. She demonstrated such resurrection powers when she resurrected the recently deceased Nick Morton as well as resurrect the deceased ancient English crusaders as her undead slaves and warriors.


  • Combat Proficiency: Ahmanet, being a Ancient Egyptian having trained to become a Pharaoh, is assumed to have been proficient in combat and fighting abilities (this is further facilitated by her actress, Sofia Boutella, mentioning that Ahmanet is a warrior in one of her many interviews).

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

  • King Menehptre † - Victim.
  • Unnamed Mother †
  • Unnamed Step-Mother † - Victim.
  • Unnamed Half-Brother † - Victim.

Allies Edit

  • Set - Benefactor.
  • Unnamed Man † - Former Romantic Interest.
  • Vail - Former Slave.

Enemies Edit


  • Ahmanet is the first titular character of The Mummy film series to be portrayed as a female, as past renditions saw the Mummy's being presented as male figures, thus making her the first female Mummy to be represented in the franchise.
    • In addition to making her the first female mummy, this film also tells a new, original story centered around the titular character, as opposed to re-using the story of Imhotep, the first mummy, or Kharis, the second mummy.

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