Edward Hyde
Status: Alive (Suppressed)
Alias(es): Mr. Hyde
Edward Hyde is the dark alternate personality of Dr. Henry Jekyll. At some point in his life, Dr. Jekyll underwent a supernatural experiment to cleanse himself of his internal darkness and flaws. Something went horribly wrong and Dr. Jekyll's psyche was fractured between two separate consciousnesses sharing the same body and mind. Unlike the educated a civilized Henry, Edward is a homicidal and aggressive man with superhuman strength and charismatic aggression. Henry was able to develop a serum to suppress Edward's aggression and personality, while also seeking a way to cure himself of Edward's presence through his studies with Prodigium.

Personality Edit

Physical description Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit


  • Super Strength:


  • Hand-to-hand Brawler:

Weaknesses Edit

  • Dr. Jekyll's Serum:

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Allies Edit

Enemies Edit

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