Status: Immortal (Inhabiting Nick Morton)
Role: Faustian Deity
Age: Ancient
Alias(es): God of Death
the Devil
Rank: God
Significant other(s): Ahmanet (Rejected by Nick)
Played by: Tom Cruise (Possessing Nick Morton)
Film: The Mummy
"Set. The god of death. They made a pact. A pact that would unleash darkness itself."
―Dr. Henry Jekyll describes Ahmanet's pact with Set.[1]
Set is the god of death who was worshiped by the ancient Egyptians. He is a dark and emaciated demonic deity of the Underworld with dominion over the souls of the dead and the damned alike and possibly demons and other hellish creatures. It was Set whom Ahmanet invoked through a ritual blood sacrifice in order to summon the forces of darkness from the Underworld into the living world and subsequently transform herself into a powerful necromancer with inhuman powers and appetites as well as the strength to usurp her treacherous father and brother to take Egypt's throne for herself.

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  • Dark Divinity: As the god of death, Set's very presence is shown to enact darkness into any environment he may walk into. Similar to Ahmanet, his powers seem to be rooted in necromancy as even a flock of sacrificed crows are seen to reanimate; flapping their wings and cawing in alarm at his approach. Being a god of the Underworld as well as the divine embodiment of death, Set's powers and even his very being are of close affiliation with the forces of evil as it was Ahmanet's Faustian blood pact with him that transformed her and unleashed Hell's darkness into Creation.
    • Immortality: Being a god, Set is an everlasting divinity unbound by time or the degradation of his form from aging. As recorded Ancient Egyptian theology is well over 5,000 years old, Set is undoubtedly at least this old, possibly tracing his lifespan near to the primordial days of Earth's creation. Upon his possession by Set, Nick inherited his immortality. While possessed, Nick's body does not age nor is he ravaged by disease or decrepitude of any variety. As such, he - and by extension, Set - possesses the potential to remain youthful forever until the very end of time or possibly beyond.
      • Regeneration:
    • Heat Secretion:
    • Teleportation:
    • Super Strength: Upon being incarnated into Nick's body, Set immediately exhibited immense strength when he challenged Ahmanet. Despite Ahmanet possessing the strength to brutally toss Nick around as well as shatter stone with her bare hands all without effort just minutes before, Nick - wielding Set's superior strength and power over her - overpowered Ahmanet's attempts at struggling in mere seconds with no visible effort, tossing her against a stone wall with brutal force and chocking her with one hand before slamming her onto a small tomb as if she were nothing and sucking the life out her her, all while she struggled fruitlessly.
    • Super Speed: Like his preternatural strength and ferocity, Nick exhibited a mastery over the power of preternatural speed of movement within seconds of becoming possessed by Set. His celerity and precision was such that he appeared as a mere blur of motion, unable to be followed by the naked eye. He first exhibited this ability when he threw Ahmanet against a wall only to appear instantaneously and choke her. The exact extent of his speed is unknown, as later Nick is seen merely to move with the same speeds of an average man. Undoubtedly, Nick can summon this great celerity at will.
    • Life Siphoning:
    • Resurrection:
      • Healing:

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  • Ahmanet † - Ally, Romantic Interest, and Unintended Victim.

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